19 Awesome & Creative Ways To Decorate Your Place For Free

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By the time you are done with paying your rent, buying your furniture, food and everything you need, the last thing you want to spend money on is decoration! Well, I have good news for all of you, because here are some extremely creative & awesome ideas on how to decorate your place totally FREE! You’re welcome! 😉

1. There’s a ton of free public domain art available online, like from public library sites or Wikimedia Commons.

emilyaclark.com – All you need after that is a printer and maybe a frame if you fancy.

2. Display keys from everywhere you’ve lived.

younghouselove.com – If you have roommates or live with a significant other, add theirs to the collection too!

3. Order these incredible (fake) signed pictures of random celebrities.

celebritymerch.com – They’re free from Celebrity Merch.

4. Make garlands from paper cut-outs.

honeybeevintage.com – You can use scraps you already have lying around or paint chips. Get these directions here.

5. Use paint chips to cover an entire wall.

Flickr: lizapple – Tip: Use removable poster tape or painters’ tape to minimize wall damage.

6. Download this adorable printable calendar.

Mr. Printables / mrprintables.com – Get it here.

7. And these even-more-adorable 3D letters!

Mr. Printables / mrprintables.com – Download them here.

8. And these patent-design prints.

primermagazine.com – Download them from Primer Magazine.

 9. And these simple wall flowers.

thehappyhomebodies.com – Comma perks of being a. Find them here.

10. Decorate with wine/beer bottles or jars, nail polish remover will help take the labels right off!

11. Use newspaper to make a wall design, like a map.

12. Or just straight-up use maps.

hgtv.com – Who even needs these now that GPS is a thing, amirite? Get the directions for this project here, or you can just make the same only without the frames and it will still look pretty rad.

 13. Re-cover a boring or beat-up lampshade.

Old Lamp Shed / domesticsluttery.com – Check out the directions here.

14. Print out your favorite instagrams.

decoritdarling.com – Even if *you* don’t have a printer for all of these, chances are your office does/your friend does/your friends’ office does/you can spring for a couple bucks to have Staples do it.

15. Display old t-shirts that have sentimental value.

thenotsoblankcanvas.blogspot.com – Mount them on canvas, in the unlikely event you have any, or just squares of cardboard cut from old boxes.

16. Hang a favorite quote (or ten).

pinterest.com – Print this one out here.

17. Use an artful stack of books to strap on a cushion and call it a seat.

econesting.com – Get the directions here.

18. Hang wallpaper samples or pieces of fabric.

atelier.co.nz – A lot of places will give out wallpaper samples for free as well!

19. Free Vintage Posters has everything you need!

freevintageposters.com – Source: BuzzFeed


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