How to Lose Weight With Water

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I guess we have all heard an infinite number of theories about how to lose weight with special capsules and seeds! In the past one year I was having some weight problems and one day I came across an article about losing weight with water, so I made some research and decided to try it ’cause I was like “Why not, it can’t be any worse … And I don’t have to spend a fortune on those unknown capsules” I lost 22 pounds in about half a year without cutting out any of my favorite foods, only adding a little exercise and avoiding McDonalds, Burger King, KFC or any fast food restaurant by far! I admit, it wasn’t that hard, let me tell you how! 😉 xoxo 

1. Drink water throughout the day, it helps keeping you feel full without consuming high-calorie coffees and snacks. This way you will also eat less as you already have this feeling of being full, consuming fewer calories on a daily basis can help speed weight loss. It also helps to improve rough, dry skin that is all too common this time of year, which can be worsened by dehydration. You may not feel as thirsty during the cold winter months as you do during the hot summer ones, but drinking water is important no matter what the weather. I drink a minimum of 2 big bottles of water every day!

Research has shown that even slight dehydration can cause a drop in energy levels. It makes sense as water is crucial for nearly every system of your body to function properly. And guess what? If you are thirsty, you are probably already slightly dehydrated. Prevent this from happening by drinking water regularly throughout the day!

detox water recipe

2. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Numerous studies have shown that drinking water before meals can result in consuming less calories at those meals.

3. Replace sweetened drinks with water. Instead of drinking soda, alcoholic beverages, smoothies, or other high-calorie drinks, grab a glass or bottle of water. Swapping in a zero-calorie beverage for high-calorie alternatives can spare you hundreds of calories per day, further aiding in weight loss.

4. Drink cold water to speed your metabolism. In a study on water-induced thermogenesis, researchers found that drinking water caused an increase in energy expenditure in both men and women, likely caused by the body’s efforts to warm the water to body temperature.

5. Follow a short water detox diet! Water detox can flush toxins from your body. Drink an entire pitcher of specially flavored water each day for 4 days. Water detox plans also typically promote foods naturally high in water, such as watermelon, soups, and leafy green vegetables.

detox water recipe

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detox water recipe

Not that hard, right? 😉 Of course you also have to do some exercise every day to make your diet more effective! Not talking about hours of workout daily, but at least half an hour of walking in the park, jogging or doing whatever you enjoy! Try to cut out all the unhealthy things, habits in your life, such as smoking, eating fast food or drinking alcohol! You will see a difference not only in the size of your clothes, but your budget, too. Good luck! 😉

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

Warning: It is possible to drink too much water, which can cause an electrolyte imbalance, kidney damage, and death. Do not drink water to excess or replace meals with water without careful replacement of electrolytes.


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