4 Easy Standing Moves for Super-Flat Abs

standing workout for super flat abs Having some problems with getting flat abs? Winter weight gain isn’t just an urban myth. When temperatures drop, we rather stay inside and that’s when it all happens! Our metabolisms slow to a crawl and we pack on the pounds. But the conspiracy runs deeper than that. During the winter, we forgo low-calorie snacks for prepackaged, high-fat delights like chips, nuts and crackers. We also get less sunlight, which makes us feel down in the dumps. To combat those feelings, we gobble up carbohydrates, fats and sugars, which make us feel better.Fat is also a great insulator and it really does a great job of keeping you warm. Well don’t worry! With some exercise, we’re going to have killer bikini bodies by spring! This standing abdominals routine below hits all of the muscles that make up your core, from your abs to your hips, your pelvis to your lower back. Just complete three or four sets of each exercise as instructed, resting for 30 seconds between sets, two or three times a week. Flat belly, here you come!

standing workout for flat abs super flat stomach

And don’t forget to spend some time outside when the weather gets sunny! Grab your coat and a glass of hot tea and enjoy the sun! 😉

From: Women’s Health


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