15 Awesome DIY Ideas for Today! Add Some Sparkle to Your Life â˜…

fancy glitter sparkling collage rivals magazine usa diy ideas

Spring is here darlings, time to add some sparkle to our lives after winter! So girl, grab some glitter and good luck! 😉 Continue reading

Watch This Man Transform Himself into Dakota Johnson, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, and More!

the man transforming himself into celebrities kylie jenner kim kardashian paolo ballesteros

Paolo Ballesteros portraying Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian – Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

We can find celebrity makeovers all over the internet. Some simply offer tips inspired by a celeb’s particular red carpet look, while others morph into the celeb for a full-on transformation. Of both varieties, few really kill it, and even fewer are men. Filipino actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros is one of the few. This guy is so good he almost tricked me 😉 Just see what I mean … xoxo Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Cat Eye in 5 Simple Steps

extreme smoky smokey eye makeup diy eye lining

Source: Benjamin Stone

Usually I prefer nude lips and soft shadows, but there are times when I’m eager to take risks when it comes to beauty looks. The edgy eye at Zimmermann’s Fall 2015 show definitely grabbed our attention. “This season, the makeup inspiration for the show was a take on femininity and sophisticated structures,” explained lead makeup artist Jodie Boland. “I utilized a graphic lined eye and softened out at the inner edges, giving it a modern edge.” While this makeup is superdramatic, it’s nothing you can’t rock on a big night out with your girlfriends! We watched makeup artist Kelvin DumĂ© create a look for you to try at home, inspired by the original. xoxo, Have a wonderful day darlings! Continue reading

How to Lose Weight With Water

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I guess we have all heard an infinite number of theories about how to lose weight with special capsules and seeds! In the past one year I was having some weight problems and one day I came across an article about losing weight with water, so I made some research and decided to try it ’cause I was like “Why not, it can’t be any worse … And I don’t have to spend a fortune on those unknown capsules” I lost 22 pounds in about half a year without cutting out any of my favorite foods, only adding a little exercise and avoiding McDonalds, Burger King, KFC or any fast food restaurant by far! I admit, it wasn’t that hard, let me tell you how! 😉 xoxo  Continue reading

Super Healthy Italian Pasta Salad You Have to Try

I don’t know about you guys, but I just simply love pasta! Unfortunately it’s not the healthiest food to eat, but good news my dear pasta lovers, here’s a way to make it healthy! Let’s make a delicious Italian pasta salad, which can either be served as a main or as a side dish. This stuff is really awesome later on in the season when we have garden fresh tomatoes. Yummy!

Sooo let’s begin! 😉 Continue reading