Treat acne like a pro!

More than 50 million Americans are affected by acne and we can all admit the many (way too many) available medications and treatments can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s extremely easy to make serious mistakes treating acne, we can even make it worse! Many of us, girls (me too!), have to deal with acne, maybe some of us have less others might even have serious acne scars! But let me show you the basic dos and don’ts that can be really helpful treating acne 🙂 xoxo Continue reading


4 Easy Standing Moves for Super-Flat Abs

standing workout for super flat abs Having some problems with getting flat abs? Winter weight gain isn’t just an urban myth. When temperatures drop, we rather stay inside and that’s when it all happens! Our metabolisms slow to a crawl and we pack on the pounds. But the conspiracy runs deeper than that. During the winter, we forgo low-calorie snacks for prepackaged, high-fat delights like chips, nuts and crackers. We also get less sunlight, which makes us feel down in the dumps. To combat those feelings, we gobble up carbohydrates, fats and sugars, which make us feel better.Fat is also a great insulator and it really does a great job of keeping you warm. Well don’t worry! With some exercise, we’re going to have killer bikini bodies by spring! Continue reading

How to Lose Weight With Water

detox water recipe fruits

I guess we have all heard an infinite number of theories about how to lose weight with special capsules and seeds! In the past one year I was having some weight problems and one day I came across an article about losing weight with water, so I made some research and decided to try it ’cause I was like “Why not, it can’t be any worse … And I don’t have to spend a fortune on those unknown capsules” I lost 22 pounds in about half a year without cutting out any of my favorite foods, only adding a little exercise and avoiding McDonalds, Burger King, KFC or any fast food restaurant by far! I admit, it wasn’t that hard, let me tell you how! 😉 xoxo  Continue reading

Super Healthy Italian Pasta Salad You Have to Try

I don’t know about you guys, but I just simply love pasta! Unfortunately it’s not the healthiest food to eat, but good news my dear pasta lovers, here’s a way to make it healthy! Let’s make a delicious Italian pasta salad, which can either be served as a main or as a side dish. This stuff is really awesome later on in the season when we have garden fresh tomatoes. Yummy!

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10 Moves to Get the Perfect Butt

jen selter butt exercise poolside NYC

Photographer: Anne Wermiel/NY Post
Photo Assistant: Jill Brammer
Stylist: Johannah Masters
Hair: Trevor Bowden
Makeup: Caitlin Wooters for Dermalogica
Location: The Dream Hotel, 355 W. 16th St.

Exercises for butt — type that into Google and see how many useless links pop up! So frustrating for us, girls who want to go from slightly saggy to bootylicious, isn’t it? Well, my dears, I have good news for all of us. Anastasia Ashley, the professional surfer shares her secrets with us on how to Get and Keep a killer butt in enviable shape.

Let’s start!

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Start the Day Healthy! Try the Delicious Blueberry Mug Muffin

It’s easy, fast, healthy and cheap! This is a perfect combination for the mornings when you are not only out of time, but money or ingredients, too but you still want to eat something healthy.

Mug Muffin white


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