The Whole Crowd Left Speechless When This Little Girl Starts to Sing

Talent comes in every shape, size and form and Lexi Walker proves it. She may not be very old, but when she steps up to the mic the stadium is in awe. Such a little girl and such a big voice! What do you think? 😉 Have a wonderful day, xoxo ❤


Find the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

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Look of the Day / Milka Elisabet Venäläinen

Milka Elisabet Venäläinen look of the day outfit of the day ootd rivals magazine usa finland fashion blogger

Look of the Day / Milka Elisabet Venäläinen, fashion blogger @ Fashion My Obsession

Look of the Day / Insaf Bennis

look of the day Insaf Bennis blogger sparkles in paris rivals magazine usa

Look of the Day / Insaf Bennis blogger @ Sparkles In Paris @blogsparklesinparis

Look of the Day / Julie Sariñana

look of the day Julie Sariñana sincerely jules rivals magazine usa

Look of the Day / Julie Sariñana blogger @ Sincerely, Jules

Watch Jessie J Rap Nicki Minaj’s Part In ‘Bang Bang’

If you ever wondered how would Jessie rap Nicki’s part in ‘Bang Bang’ … You’re welcome! 😉

Always knew she was awesome, but now I’m totally in love ❤ Jessie visited Capital FM for their Instaoke game and totally nailed it! She took on on Dizzee Rascal, B.o.B and Nicki Minaj. Jessie had ‘Price Tag’ down perfectly, and she killed ‘Bang Bang’ too. This girl has TALENT!

— have you seen her sing with her mouth closed??? ✌↴